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This is a forum in which all the Successful Candidates “ISERH AMBASSADORS” of Aspiring the Best Competition (ABC) are inducted for Guidance, Monitoring, Mentorship and Development. Each of the members of this forum uses the appellation “ISERH AMBASSADOR” before their names. This distinguishes them from other youth in the Society/Community.

In this forum, the AMBASSADORS’ Education, Health, Family and Relationship Issues and Challenges are priorities and germane. The AMBASSADORS meet once every month (Last Saturdays) and are allowed freedom of speech while each of them is entitled to Refreshment and Transport Allowance. They freely interact with one another and they have access to one-on-one section with Counsellors who adequately and professionally handle and address whatever issues brought before them. All the AMBASSADORS then see themselves as a Cohort and one Big Family who is working for the common goal of becoming Exemplary Leaders and changing the Community for the better.

Each ISERH AMBASSADOR is persuasively urged and encouraged to pick up a SKILLS, HANDIWORK or APPRENTICE after being taking through MOTIVATIONAL SESSIONS and GUIDES to picking the best HANDIWORK, SKILLS or APPRENTICE. The Organization then enrols them in the learning place of their choice with the organization responsible for the bill. They are as well mentored on being a leading Example for the Youth around them. This led to them picking the slogan below:


Each of the AMBASSADORS, with the help of ISERH Team, identifies his/her talent and passion, and pursues it. Picking up a skill/handiwork alongside schooling afford them the opportunity of being financially independent while pursuing their educational goal and dream. This consequently reduces their parents’ burdens of sourcing for their wards’ livelihood while in school. After their Academic pursuits, they may choose to continue earning their livelihood through this acquired Vocational Skill and thereby reduce the rate of unemployment in our nation and increase youth participation in Entrepreneurship.

The forum also affords them an opportunity and access to Relationship Guidance and Counselling. This shall reduce cases of Schizophrenia among Youth, which come as a result of UNHEALTHY AND BROKEN FAMILY TIES AND RELATIONSHIPS as well as LONELINESS and LACK OF COUNSELLING.

This Forum comes up once every month for a period of one year, prior to the induction of NEW ISERH AMBASSADORS of the Organization, and thereby makes it a periodic meeting for the OLD ISERH AMBASSADORS. It is to allow and assist us in monitoring the Ambassadors.

With these, ISERH AMBASSADORS would have been polished off Indiscipline, Thuggery, Hooliganism, Gangsterism, Irresponsibility, Laziness, Immorality, Vague Future Syndrome, I-don’t-care Attitude, Get-rich-quick Syndrome and No-job-after-NYSC Syndrome.

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